Trying out the Sex Swing

The sex swing is an interesting invention that me and my boyfriend have been trying out lately.

It began with an episode of the show rick and morty where one of the aliens in the dream episode was using a sex swing.  Next thing we know we were googling and finding out about the underground sex swing world.

Our first attempt was based off a DIY sex swing article on reddit.  By using some old pairs of jeans, and bolting rope to the ceiling we came up with a fun little beauty.  Needless to say it broke after two days and we were left looking for a new solution.

A Sex Swing Christmas

I awoke to a surprise Christmas morning with a massive box from my boyfriend Chris.  In it was a massive sex swing complete with a stand, from the company sls.  Using this we finally had a solid sex swing where we could experiment and let our minds run wild.

Favorite Sex Swing Positions

My favorite sex swing position by far is the missionary.  It lets my hubby have complete control of me with zero friction.  I like to imagine it is what sex in outer space might be like.

The sex swing has over 100 positions in total.  Most of these positions are variations on all the positions you are already familiar with: Oral, doggy, squat n bounce.  They all have a sex swing variation that is like a sex in outer space version.

The sex swing materials are usually a strong polyester-nylon hybrid or a PVC plastic.  The plastic is nice because it is easy to clean, however it comes at the cost of being a little less expensive.  If you get the polyester-nylon swing dirty, which you will, just throw it in the washing machine and it will be good as new.  I avoid putting it in the dryer though and just let it dry outside (don’t worry, the neighbors won’t be able to guess what it is)



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