So Many Kinds of Lube, So Little Time

Lubricants are a fun gift that I have been getting my friends for the last couple years.  Think about it, everyone uses lube at some point!  There are all kinds of interesting, weird, and even funny lubes out there!

Flavored Lubes

You can find lubricants that come in all kinds of crazy flavors.  Some of the most popular include blueberry, watermelon, and strawberry sex lube.  I have personally always been a big fan of strawberry, as it is easy to find and tastes great!  However at the same time there are more rare flavors that you can only find online, these are exciting simply because they aren’t something you see everyday.’

Now don’t go swallowing a whole tube of this stuff in one night.  It may be flavored, but that doesn’t mean it will sit well in your stomach.  I have had a few lovers who had a bit too much and ending up vomiting 20 minutes later, so be careful.

I find that strawberry lube can be kind of sticky as well and dry up quick when it counts.  Its sticky in the way that spilled kool-aid or punch can be after it dries.  As in a bit stickier that regular stuff like KY.

Warming Lubricants

When sex just isn’t hot enough, warming lubes are a way to make it even hotter.

This stuff has a chemical reaction that takes place when making contact with the heat of your skin, it literally increases to about 10 degrees hotter than average body temperature.  If you aren’t used to it it can be kind of scary to be honest, like you are having an allergic reaction.  When i first tried it out both my partner and I had never heard of it before.  About 2 minutes into our session it became two intense and we panicked–eventually ending up in the shower frantically trying to wash the stuff off.

However after that incident we gave it a few more tries and got really into it!  Now its a regular part of my lube arsenal.

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